Unified's History

Unified Group Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 in the sunroom of the home of owner and president, Richard L. Mousty. He and co-founder, Faith Hailey, were disillusioned with changes made by the new owner of their previous company which resulted in poor customer service. Their commitment to great customer service caused Unified to quickly outgrow the sunroom and move into offices in Pendleton, Indiana. In February 2004, Unified transferred operations to their new 13,000 square foot facility in Anderson, Indiana.

By 2008, the company had added 9,000 square feet to its existing facility in order to provide space needed for current and future growth. The Unified staff has grown from its two founders to over 100 employees and provides administration for more than 125 clients. With this growth, Unified Group Services has stayed true to its core value of providing great customer service in all aspects of business operations.