What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our Reinsurance Company has had a longstanding terrific professional relationship with Unified Group Services. We have always held Rich and his team in the highest regard as a client. One of the ways we measure a TPA is by looking at the TPA’s relationships with their brokers and self funded clients. Unified is able to maintain strong and very long lasting relationships with their self funded clients. The brokerage community also holds Unified Group Services in the highest regard. Unified has also continuously searched for and implemented many claim control measures through their cost containment and PPO vendors. By doing this, the self funded client benefits with both a reduction in their claims expenses and, as a result, their stop loss premiums and factors. We look forward to dealing with Unified Group Services for many years to come.”

  • Executive Vice President
  • A+ Rated Carrier

“Thanks to the whole team at Unified from- the people who we see and communicate with directly to the people behind the scenes who have put forth the effort to get our plan off and running smoothly by January 1. The presentation went very well today and both Dave and Megan did a great job with the presentations. David you really had a way of making people feel comfortable about asking questions and I would have to say this is the most employee participation we have ever gotten at a companywide meeting. I have already received some positive feedback from some of the employees.

We’re off to a great start – keep up the good work!”

  • Valued Customer

“I wanted to give you some feedback on my experience (short as it may be) with your team. Over my 24 year career, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous vendors and service providers. To say that as a client I am difficult to please or impress is likely an understatement. Your team has been extremely courteous, thorough, detailed and professional in the process of on-boarding our plan to your organization. They have taken care of details and communicated with me in a way that I knew items were being handled and that I did not have to concern myself with the timeliness or the quality of what was being done. As someone who has many demands from many sources, that level of service means a lot to me. Early on when I expressed my dissatisfaction and concern with the way something was being handled, they responded with appropriate information so that I could make my decision as a plan sponsor. When I sat down at your conference table for the first time and was immediately handed a signed business associate agreement, I knew that your organization was different. It is a nuance and a statement of business integrity that most would not understand. I want you to know that I for one did fully recognize and appreciate what that action meant.While I recognize that participants are not always happy with plan determinations, my hope is that as the plan rolls out my employees will see and experience the quality of service from your organization that I have been so pleased with thus far. Thanks for exceeding my expectations!”

  • Plan Sponsor

“I can’t say enough good about Unified Group Services – you are undoubtedly the most knowledgeable and responsive TPA I have worked with and if I ever get the chance, I will recommend your company to others. I will miss you and again, thanks for everything.”

  • Retiring Human Resources Manager

“We just wrapped up our plan restatement for our medical plan and for our flexible spending. The whole team made that as painless as that process can be. They gave us great benchmarks and guidance. We are extremely satisfied with our end product – which gives our employees expanded benefits at a marginal cost to us.”

  • Area Manager of Distribution Company

“I have never worked with such a great group of people. Everyone that I have ever dealt with within your organization has been top of the line. No one likes to hear bad news, but it seems that we, the customer, only take time to contact the service organizations that we deal with day to day, when we have problem news. So I thought it appropriate to give you some good news. Keep up the great job and tell your people that I appreciate their dedication to doing a good job each and everyday, and each and every time I talk with one of them.”

  • Company Treasurer

“My husband has had several medical issues this year, including an out of state hospitalization so we have had more than ample opportunities to make use of our medical coverage this year. As for billing issues, my claims account manager did an outstanding job! I was completely unaware that they would attempt to contract for lower pricing for these out of state expenses (much less out of network) and when part of those attempts went awry, recalculating payment for our many billing issues. I know she spent countless hours and kept me very informed through the entire process.”

  • Health Plan Member

“Hi Rich,
I received your thank you letter today about our June 1 renewal.  Thought I’d tell you what we here have thought for many years, but don’t say enough.  UGS provides a fantastic service to our population.  As you are aware, the Yarger family cares deeply about providing sound and affordable benefits to their Associates.  The self-funding arena has allowed us to do just that and UGS has been a partner in that endeavor for all these many years and hopefully will be for many more years to come. 
Thanks go to you and your staff.  It has been a good ride.”

  • Treasurer of a Long Term Customer


“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Unified’s claims data and reporting tool. I have wished to create an interface like this in the past, but frankly getting the data alone is extremely difficult, let alone developing such a comprehensive, user-friendly tool set. There are a multitude of possibilities here for proactively identifying members with Case Management or Disease Management needs, as well as enhancing our nurses’ abilities to provide the most thorough service possible for our clients. I look forward to using this tool in the future, and imagine that it will make a significant difference in our process.”

  • Case Management Vendor