August 3, 2011

Unified Group Services Offeres Advanced Clinical Analysis and Reporting to Identify Health Cost Drivers and Gaps in Care Clinical predictive modeling from Benefit Informatics Featuring Johns Hopkins ACG® System

ANDERSON, Indiana – Employers, consultants and benefit brokers work daily to control rising costs associated with employee health benefit plans. The key to controlling these costs is to identify and predict risk, both for the plan and for individual plan members.

Unified Group Services, a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) of self-funded employer benefit plans, now includes in their base administrative services Advanced Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting featuring the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG®) System to give customers access to industry-leading clinical predictive modeling.

These Advanced Clinical analysis and reporting services, provided by Benefit Informatics, Inc., give Unified Group Services customers greater access to actionable plan information. The capabilities and uses include:

  • Identify high risk and high cost individuals early utilizing key diagnosis factors
  • Identify members who would most benefit from case and disease management
  • Identify “gaps in care” for key risk factors
  • Forecast future medical utilization and costs based on risk stratification
  • Evaluate effectiveness of health providers, wellness and disease management programs

By integrating the Johns Hopkins ACG System predictive modeling engine and benchmark data set, the enriched data analysis and reporting platform provides patient risk stratification, episode grouping and additional analysis functions. Employers can also benefit from analysis of integrated biometric data, including lab values (cholesterol, lipids, etc.), BMI, blood pressure and more.

About Unified Group Services

Unified Group Services, Inc., is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for self-insured group health plans. Beginning in the sunroom of owner and president, Rich Mousty, the business has grown to over 130 clients in 30 states and processes over $370 million in health care claims. The two-person employee team has expanded to nearly 100 employees. Unified Group Services offers a broad range of services including but not limited to: Medical, Dental, Vision, COBRA/HIPAA, Section 125 (FSA), HRA, Health Savings Account (HSA), and Short-term Disability administration plus Wellness programs. For more information, contact (800) 291-5837 or visit

About the Johns Hopkins ACG System

The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) System offers a unique approach to measuring morbidity that improves accuracy and fairness in evaluating provider performance, identifying patients at high risk, forecasting healthcare utilization and setting equitable payment rates. The ACG System measures the morbidity burden of patient populations based on disease patterns, age and gender. It relies on the diagnostic and/or pharmaceutical code information found in insurance claims or other computerized medical records. This provides the user with a more accurate representation of the morbidity burden of populations, subgroups or individual patients – as a constellation of morbidities, not as individual diseases. The ACG research and development team, characterized by excellence in both research and practice, has been performing risk measurement and case-mix categorization for more than 30 years. Around the globe, ACGs are a standard tool used by several hundred private and public insurance plans, provider organizations, consultants and research institutes. For more information, visit