February 14, 2018

Do you have an Advisor for your health plan members?

At Unified, we understand that benefits can be confusing and sensitive in nature. That’s why we offer a component to our administration called Unified Advisor!

Savings – We will combine fair cost data to provide significant savings for your benefit plan.

Engagement – We will support your members by providing a clear explanation of their benefit plan and help them understand how a procedure will affect them financially. We’ll also guide them on cost savings options for procedures and prescriptions.

Support – Whether your members need to schedule an appointment or learn about in-network options for a surgery or procedure, Unified Advisor has them covered! We’ll even schedule appointments on their behalf to take any guesswork out of the process.

Expertise – Having an expert at Unified is a great resource, but will your members use it? Our team will provide ongoing communication materials and if you pair that with financial incentives it will boost utilization – and help your bottom line! 

Contact your Unified Account Executive or our Wellness & Consumer Products Coordinator, Terri Vetor, to learn more about how our Unified Advisor program can enable your health plan members to be better informed and better engaged consumers!