April 1, 2015

Making Flex-Spending More Convenient for Individual Plan Members

Flexible Spending Accounts can be the perfect complement to your Health Plan. There are a lot of benefits to adding Flexible Spending Accounts, which allow individual plan members to determine the amount of pre-taxed income they want to set aside annually for their specific health-spending needs. Most importantly, this gives plan members the flexibility and control they desire to manage their own healthcare and supplement their overall benefits coverage.

Unified Group Services offers extra conveniences through our partnership with the FSA Store and our mobile app. Members have access through UnifiedGrp.com to the FSA Store, which for the last four years, has been the only e-commerce site exclusively stocked with FSA eligible products – eliminating the guesswork behind what is reimbursable by an FSA. Consumers with Flexible Spending Accounts can access thousands of high-quality FSA eligible products in addition to FSA eligible services and much-needed information through the FSA Learning Center. FSA Store accepts all FSA and major credit cards, offers 24/7 customer service, one-to-two-day turnaround for all orders, and free shipping on orders $50+.

Plan members can also enjoy on-the-go access to balance information through the Unified Group Services mobile app. Our app is available to members at no additional cost. They must simply sign up through UnifiedGrp.com to enjoy the convenience of accessing their Flex-Spending information from anywhere.

Ask your Broker or Unified Group Services about FSA Accounts today to find out how they can complement your Health Plan and put more control back into the hands of plan members.