July 28, 2017

Outside Unified

Years of farming and urban expansion can take its toll on farmland and the wildlife native to the area. As a land owner, our own Rich Mousty, President & CEO of Unified decided to take a different approach to preserve the integrity of the land. He and his son-in-law, Ryan Chapman chose to place the 10 acres into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Ryan, the Director of Business Development at Unified, has worked alongside Rich over the last two years to prepare the land in order to meet the guidelines of the program.

In the fall of 2016, the land was tilled and clover planted along the outer edge of the property. Clover acts as a natural fire break which is important because the land needs burned every three years. Burning the land replenishes soil nutrients in a natural way.

Earlier this year, the two worked the interior sections of land tilling up each acre and unearthing large boulders. This inner section of land is now planted with native Indiana grasses & wildflowers which will grow anywhere from 1 foot to 6 feet tall.

Rich chuckles, “Ryan doesn’t only work hard while on the clock, but also over the weekend doing manual labor! I’m sitting here in the comfort of my skid steer supervising!”

The CRP land will provide a natural habitat and protection to various types of regional songbirds and quail. Rich hopes to share photos of the property and growth of the redeveloped land as it flourishes.

The Conservation Reserve Program was established 30 years ago when President Reagan signed it into law. This voluntary program is set out to preserve land, improve water quality, and provide a safe habitat for wildlife.

Throughout the country there are approximately 500,000 acres of land participating in the CRP State Acres For wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) program.