April 7, 2017

Take the Worry out of Compliance!

Whether you are a large or small employer, have one benefit plan design or multiple networks, Compliancedashboard® and the team at Unified can reduce the workload and burden of upcoming compliance responsibilities.

Through UnifiedGrp.com employers have access to the Compliancedashboard®. All obligations based on your plan year and company size are categorized in a timeline for the upcoming year.

  • Your time is valuableCompliancedashboard® provides a calendar to outline your responsibilities and provides educational materials in clear and understandable formats. Email reminders are sent out on both long-term and time-sensitive subjects.
  • Who is responsible – Tasks can be assigned to designated HR staff and require those individuals to respond once they are completed. This eliminates the discussion breakdown of who in the department needs to distribute notices or manage reporting. If a task is past due, reminder emails will be sent out to make sure that notices are not overlooked.
  • Audit Trails – Employers need the ability to show their compliance actions and procedures. Many employers cannot provide this information when requested for either internal or external review. Compliancedashboard® keeps record of all compliance actions with dates, names and acknowledgments. These reports are always available and can show an employer’s good faith efforts to comply with rules and regulations.

With the help of your compliance team at Unified, and access to Compliancedashboard® you can proactively receive notifications for responsibilities and ensure you get the information you need at the time you need it. Staying on track with ERISA, HIPAA, Health Care Reform and other federal regulations is easy to do all in one place with Compliancedashboard®.