May 18, 2017

Three Tips for Establishing a Wellness Program at Your Company

Three Tips for Establishing a Wellness Program at Your Company

There’s more to a wellness program than simply providing your employees with pedometers and doing wellness screenings on an annual basis. Here at Unified we have integrated our wellness program to become part of our culture. This has been successful on many fronts including, lowering employee BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure; encouraging the addition of exercise as part of a daily routine; and increasing overall employee happiness.

If you are looking to establish a wellness program at your company, or simply build on an existing program, here are some tips to consider based on our own experiences.

  1. Assign someone to manage the wellness program – Employees are bound to have questions, which is great because they’re engaging in what you are offering. Having a dedicated wellness person or team will provide an expert to track metrics you are measuring, monitor progress, and provide encouragement to your staff. Our certified wellness team at Unified helps our employees by sending out weekly quizzes, recipes, and updates us on the progress of our group as a whole.
  2. Offer incentives – Engagement increases when you use a carrot rather than a stick! During our Summer Super Challenge at Unified, employees earn wellness points. At the end of the challenge, points can be redeemed for cash or prizes! Plus the program is seeing results, which is the ultimate goal of all wellness programs. Just be careful if you are considering incentives such as premium discounts; there are certain parameters that must be followed to keep your program compliant.
  3. Keep programing new and exciting – Variety is the spice of life! It’s important to keep your employees motivated, so keep your programming fresh on a quarterly basis. Everyone has different tastes and motivations, and by rotating your campaigns you can keep engagement high. At Unified, the “Colorful Choices” component of our wellness program encourages the addition of fruits and veggies – adding various colors to your plate – to increase the nutrient value. Right now, our employees are also doing a Chug-A-Jug challenge to track water intake. Each week, we prepare new flavors of infused water to make drinking water a little fruitier! Our most popular flavor is pineapple mango!

If you are looking to create a culture of wellness within your organization, you don’t have to do it alone!  Our team here at Unified can sit down with you to discuss office demographics and goals for your wellness program. We can customize a plan to meet the needs of your population and budget necessary to execute the plan.

No matter what path you choose for your corporate wellness needs, by increasing the well being of your employees, you can ultimately reduce unnecessary claim costs and potentially eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance medications. Help your waistline and your bottom line!