Reach Compliance and Help Members

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with Healthcare Bluebook

Provided through Unified Group Services, Healthcare Bluebook’s platform makes it simple to find high-quality, cost-effective facilities and physicians. It’s never been easier to save!

In-Network prices for the same procedure can vary by over 500%. Bluebook can help!

Healthcare Bluebook Cost Lookup, Quality & Rewards

How It Works

Group 330

Members Research Procedures

Members access Bluebook to search for providers and qualify for rewards for utilizing a High-Quality and Fair Price provider.

Group 331

Members Access Quality Providers and the Fair Price

The Fair Price is the reasonable amount members should expect to pay for a procedure or medical service. Bluebook compiles quality ratings for each provider, and members can easily identify options for their procedure based on both Fair Price and High-Quality.

Group 332

Members Receive Email Reminders

Keeping members engaged is key. Bluebook will email members reminders about the program and missed reward opportunities!

Group 333

Members Get Rewarded

Following a procedure with a High-Quality and Fair Price provider, Bluebook will cut a check to the member approximately three months following the procedure date. Bluebook’s expanded list of rewardable procedures and reward amounts will empower members to make responsible healthcare decisions.

Healthcare Bluebook Comply

The Healthcare Bluebook Comply program fulfills the requirements of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) regulations including Machine Readable Files and a cost look-up tool for members. The Comply program is custom-built for each Unified customer’s specific benefit plan and network to meet the requirements for January 2023 compliance.

Healthcare Bluebook Comply meets your compliance needs, however, it can be enhanced with their Premium Navigation Platform to provide quality metrics and incentives for members who research and utilize High-Quality and Fair Cost providers.

With Healthcare Bluebook offered by Unified Group Services, you can easily meet compliance requirements while also offering a member-friendly cost lookup portal.


With Healthcare Bluebook offered by Unified Group Services, your employees no longer have to pay too much for healthcare, and you can easily reach compliance.

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