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In today’s competitive labor market, offering benefits that are flexible to meet employees’ needs is significant for effective recruitment and retention. Give employees the option to virtually visit the doctor from anywhere, anytime day or night via web, phone or mobile app. Teladoc offered by Unified Group Services, delivers flexible health care to fit employees’ lifestyles and improve their quality of life.

Teladoc’s General Medical Program

How It Works

Group 162

Members set up their account through the mobile app or online.

Group 163

Members connect by phone, video, or the app with a Teladoc doctor, therapist, or specialist.


Teladoc’s Medical Experts give members peace of mind and provide next steps following the appointment.

Group 166

Request a consultation

Members request a visit with a doctor via their preferred method—web video chat, over the phone or through the mobile app.

Group 167

Talk to the doctor

A board-certified physician consults with members about whatever medical issue has them feeling under the weather.

Group 168

Receive a treatment plan

The Teladoc physician can recommend a treatment plan based on each specific consultation, even prescribing medication when applicable.

Group 169

Feel better

Members follow the doctor’s orders and get any prescriptions filled, so they can start feeling better without ever having to step foot into a doctor’s office.

Teladoc’s Dermatology Program

Members can receive a diagnosis and treatment for their skin conditions in just two business days or less with Teladoc’s Dermatology program. Members can use their Teladoc account to upload images of their skin condition and a U.S. board-certified dermatologist will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan customized to fit the member’s specific needs.

How It Works

Group 188

Request a consultation

Members log in to their Teladoc account online or through the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Group 189

Upload images

Members upload pictures of their skin condition to their account to share them with the dermatologist.

Group 190

View results online

Within 24 hours, members will receive a response online from a licensed dermatologist. If necessary a prescription will be sent to their pharmacy.

Teladoc’s Behavioral Health Program

With Teladoc’s Behavioral Health program, members can build a relationship with an experienced therapist or psychiatrist by phone or video.
Teladoc Behavioral Health experts provide support for:

  • Anxiety, stress, depression

  • Mood swings

  • Not feeling like yourself

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Medication management

How It Works

Group 191

Members set up account and complete brief medical history.

Group 192

Members choose the expert they think will be the best fit.

Group 193

Members pick preferred dates and times that fit their schedule.

Group 182

Members make progress from wherever they’re most comfortable.

With Teladoc offered through Unified Group Services, your employees get their health questions answered from the world’s most trusted telehealth providers—and you gain improved ROI with a cost-saving benefit that employees want to use.

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