Serving as a foundation for Unified Wellness, all medical claims and prescription data is uploaded into the CareEngine on a daily basis. The CareEngine, powered by ActiveHealth Management, reviews the entire patient record and compares the information against thousands of clinical rule sets derived from evidence-based sources. When an opportunity for better care has been determined, a Health Action is created. All Health Actions are then communicated to the treating physician, resulting in better patient care.


Your MyActiveHealth Engagement Platform

Your MyActiveHealth Engagement Platform works in conjunction with the CareEngine. The secure and confidential electronic medical record pre-populates your medical history and works as a tool to store all of your health data.


Disease Management

The ActiveHealth Disease Management program uses evidence-based clinical standards with powerful analytics to provide actionable information and guidance to members in need.  With specialized support available telephonically or digitally for more than 35 adult and 6 pediatric conditions, this program empower individuals to live their healthiest lives.