Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook offers transparency on healthcare prices helping you decide what you need, what it should cost, and where you can find a fair price for it.

Healthcare Bluebook is an online cost transparency tool for healthcare services, helping you take control in determining your own personal care. It employs an easy to use searchable database giving you the Fair Price. Healthcare Bluebook is also available in an App for iPhone or Android.

Easy to Search

Healthcare Bluebook has a common sense search feature. No medical jargon here, our system utilizes consumer friendly terminology.

The Fair Price

The Fair Price is the amount a patient should reasonably expect to pay. This is determined, not by the lowest price, but rather the distribution of prices from the providers and facilities in your area.

Finding the Fair Price

Often, multiple providers and facilities are available at or below the Fair Price, allowing you the opportunity to be selective. With Healthcare Bluebook, providers and facilities are ranked based on cost, giving you all the tools needed to make the best choice.

Go Green to Get Green Rewards

No forms to submit or approvals needed – simply visit a Green provider for designated procedures and receive the reward approximately two months following the procedure. Over 300 Procedures are eligible!

Healthcare Bluebook provides a unique opportunity to go above and beyond any other healthcare tool in the market. Watch as Dr. Jeffrey Rice, CEO of Healthcare Bluebook, explains how it is changing the way patients can shop for procedures. (Begins at 13:10)