Unified Advisor

Healthcare plans are complex and because of this they can be difficult for most members to utilize properly. Often, cost savings tools go unutilized due to a lack of time and understanding. So, Unified Group Services has gone one step further to provide our customers with an exclusive Unified Advisor Program. Each Unified Advisor is well versed in all of our cost savings solutions and focuses on providing excellent service and educating members.


Unified Advisor will combine fair cost data and quality ratings to provide significant savings for your benefit plan. We’ll monitor claim “triggers” and direct members to disease management when necessary to further control costs. All of the benefits of the Unified Advisor program will be supported through our semi-annual reporting package.


Benefit plans are complex! Our on-site Unified Advisor will support your members by providing a clear explanation of their benefit plan. We’ll help them understand how a procedure will affect them financially, and how they may be able to save money on their procedures and prescriptions.


Whether your members need to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician, or learn more about options for knee replacement surgery; Unified will research in- network facilities and physicians to steer members to quality care at a fair price. We’ll schedule appointments on their behalf to take any guesswork out of the process.


Having an expert at Unified is a great resource for your members, but will they use it? Our team will provide communication materials regarding the Unified Advisor program. Ongoing educational materials paired with financial incentives will boost utilization – and help your bottom line!

Give us a call and speak to one of our many well-trained Advisors, to ensure you get the service you expect and the Fair Price you deserve. Our goal is to take care of the Customer… and then some!

Not signed up for Unified Advisor? No problem. Contact us to get set up to start buying healthcare services on your terms.